Holiday | A Luxury or a Need?

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In this hustle and bustle of city life one inevitably would need a getaway and find an escape to a tranquil holiday for refreshment every once in awhile. The neat thing about this is the more the society progresses, and develops, the greater the need for a holiday.

I have always thought and wondered too, that holidays is not a need but a luxury. I grew up thinking that is a waste of resources. But I as grew older and started working, I realized that holidays is not a luxury, but a need for one’s personal wellbeing. Eversince I started feeling the reality of needing to get rest, I have taken lots of holidays and have traveled to most parts of the world. I have learnt to appreciate taking time off from work and household chores to enjoy the beautiful places on this earth.
The neat thing about going for holidays is it fosters and creates opportunities for greater bonding with my family, and we have always appreciated times like that, especially when we get to spend time with the chidren.

Now, the fun thing about planning a holiday is that you’ve got to do holiday comparison to decide where to go, and things you like to do. We have had to always consider the children when planning a holiday. With the kids around, we usually plan a holiday by the beach so the kids can play with the sand, and the hotel we stay must have a pool so the children can swim, but with just the both of us, anywhere and anything will do as long as we have each other, the holiday will be fun.

I’ve had to do several holiday comparison to decide on holiday destinations,

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