How Best to Find Cheap Cruises Online

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The openness of the internet has meant that certain industries have become ever more competitive in recent years because consumers can find out for themselves in a matter of seconds where the best value deals are to being offered. The holiday industry is one such market and consumers around the world are now able to access and book great value travel opportunities for eye-catchingly low prices.

So you can find cheap cruises online with very little effort these days, safe in the knowledge that you are maximising the potential from your holiday spending. Of course, what might make for the perfect deal for one person might be quite different from what strikes a family or a couple as being the real bargains in the bunch. Nevertheless, the process of finding and booking a cruise has been simplified to such an extent that everyone should now be able to pick out a bargain on a fantastic trip in a matter of minutes.

And the variety of destinations that the biggest and best cruise ships visit on an annual basis is enough to get even the most hard-to-impress holidaymakers excited. Plus the ships themselves are designed to offer their guests every conceivable opportunity to relax and enjoy their stay on-board to the greatest possible extent. The sun isn’t always shinning when you set out on a cruise but if you’d like to be met with clear blue skies every morning it can be all-but guaranteed if you visit the warmer regions of the world as so many cruise ships do.

One area that has always been relentlessly popular with cruise holidaymakers, particularly those from the UK, is the Mediterranean. There are in fact so many stunning locations around the great European sea that Mediterranean cruises can offer an almost never-ending array of experiences. And these days you can make the most of it all for much less money that you might imagine.

The Great Ocean Road Tour | Melbourne Australia

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This is probably my greatest achievement as a blogger and aspiring photographer, to be able to travel to Australia, go on a Great Ocean Road tour and take the 12 Apostles Scenic Flight and yes, take aerial photography of Port Campbell Bay.

It was indeed an amazing experience. I told a friend an analogy of my experience but of course, I am not sharing it with you here. LOL. Well, I might do it for a price of Creme Brulee Macchiato at Starbucks, Subang Parade. :P

How to actually enjoy your Great Ocean Road drive?

If you’re using GPS, you might wanna key in the address to Port Campbell. The route will take you to Geelong, then to Port Campbell through Princess Highway. From Geelong, it would take a two-hour drive straight to Port Campbell. If you have 2 days to spare, you might want to stay at Port Campbell and Princetown areas.

You may spend time enjoying the world famous 12 Apostles, enjoy the scenic view of Loch Ard Gorge which is truly gorgeous, and you can even take the scenic flight to see aerial views of 12 Apostles, London Bridge and Loch Ard Gorge which looks exactly like a sea horse. Only it’s a lot bigger than a real sea horse.

You may spend a day just hanging around, enjoying the magnificent and breathtaking views along the Great Ocean Road, enjoy the richness of the hue of the ocean, admire the rolling countryside (as what my friend described), and just purely enjoy yourself amid the beauty of God’s creation… that would actually blow your mind.

There are different types of accommodation along the Great Ocean Road. So depending on your budget you may choose which type of hotel you want to stay there.

The next day, you may want to set out early, take a slow drive through the Great Ocean Road and you may just stop once in a while at a different scenic spot decks.

I truly enjoyed my trip to and through the Great Ocean Road and it was my greatest achievement as a paid blogger and an aspiring photographer. Did I say that already? LOL.

Anyways, enjoy the images I took from the 12 Apostles scenic helicopter flight I took with my son.

Images are taken using a Nikon D7000 with kit lens (18-105mm) at it’s highest Aperture value.

What can I say? I thank you Lord for this great blessing! (October 8, 2011)


My Trip to London, UK

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I have been scanning my travel blog for my previous trips to the UK  and found some posts about my trip to London. It just brought a lot of fond memories.

When Air Asia launched its first flights to London, UK… I was one of the first to get the promo airfare.  That time, my husband had a meeting to attend in Bogota, Colombia. The flight was enroute UK. I was so excited at the thought, to be able to transit in the UK on the way to Colombia.

I checked my blog earnings and it was enough to buy my tickets from Kuala Lumpur to London via Air Asia and London to Colombia via Air France.

It was autumn in London and I was thrilled that finally, I could experience different seasons too. I live in a tropical country so I was ecstatic to know I could experience other seasons too.

  • Top 10 Things to do in London:
Before coming to London, I searched on the internet on the things one must do or see in London. I knew there were like thousands of things to do in London, but I also knew that I wouldn’t have enough time and budget to do all those things in one go. So I searched on the top 10 things to do and see in London which I found on
London, England is one of the most famous cities in the world. Its history is as impressive as it is long. Founded by the Romans over 2000 years ago, London is both the capital of England and the UK, and with its medieval boundaries and core City of London, this metropolis offers something everyone can enjoy. London blends aspects of the Ancient Roman Empire with historic England and meets the modern world head-on.

Although there are literally thousands of things to do in London, a list of ten should get you started.

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  • First Night: Culture Shock!

My family members had already “cautioned” us what to expect when we come to London. My brother-in-law used to fly a lot to London. He was in MAS International Flight before (now he’s in Malaysia Airlines regional flight as a steward) and my parents-in-law visited London last year for 2 months. SO they gave us all different kinds of stories about London.

But I was always fascinated with London from the books I read and from the movies I watched. So… coming here was really a treat for me, although I had to go through a lot just to get my UK Visa application approved.

We reached London two hours after expected time because there was some kind of delay from Malaysia. Again, Air Asia was two hours delayed. It happened when we went to Brunei also… our flight was two hours delayed. I don’t have complains though. Air Asia airfare is sooo cheap. In fact, we only paid 1,098RM per person for return tickets from Malaysia to London. And the flight from Malaysia to London was not so bad at all.

Anyways, we booked our stay in one of the hostels in Bayswater, Central London. And it’s the cheapest one can find. When you’re in Bayswater, Westminster, you are actually in the hub of central London.

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  • First Day: Kensington Gardens

On first day in London, we decided to take a walk around Bayswater just to get the feel of our place. We wanted to see Hyde Park at daytime. So went inside the Park and it took us to the Kensington Gardens. It was truly beautiful. I’m glad we’re staying in Bayswater where every important places to see and do is just walking distance away.

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  • London Tour Part 1

Traveling around London is made easy by the tube, underground or overground. You can just hop in the tube to the major tourist sites and you can get there the moment you get off the tube. It was our first time in London but our friend Fiona was amazed that we could get around London without any friends going with us. But like I said, the Tube made it easier for us. One just need to buy an Oyster Card. Once you have an oyster card, you can go anywhere by bus and by tube.

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London Free Tour Part 1

London Free Tour Part 2  here.

  • London Tour on our own:

On our second day in London, we did a London Tour on our own, with just a map and an oyster card. I wanted to see the famous London Bridge. But I was informed that the famous bridge is actually called the Tower bridge. The tower bridge connects the city that is divided by the River Thames.

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  • Travel Tip: How to Go To Heathrow Airport from Central London:

There are a few airports in London. Depending on which airlines or countries you fly, they have an airport specifically assigned for you to go. When we flew to London from Kuala Lumpur, we took Air Asia airline, so we landed at Stansted Airport. When we flew from London to Bogota, Colombia, we took Air France so we flew from Heathrow Airport. Heathrow is obviously better than Stansted.

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My trip to the UK was indeed amazing, seeing palaces, castles, meeting friends, eating some pub grubs with a dear friend, buying a pair of boots from a retro shop in Notting Hill and going to Bogota Colombia from there and back to tour some more. It was indeed a very fulfilling experience, totally satisfying my wanderlust.

Of course, it helped that before going to London, I read from Air Asia’s magazine about some budget places while in London. And so, we were able to stay in Central London and actually enjoyed the beautiful and historical places in a budget. (October 29, 2011)